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poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

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This about sums it up.

This just goes to show that misogyny is real. So real.




Plate Etiquette 

I did not know this.  

The fuck is wrong with rich people ‘hey do you want a second plate’ no i want to make up a secret passive aggressive fork language so we can titter mockingly at that rube from the country who says he enjoyed the meal with his fucking mouth




It’s good to know that we weren’t the only ones driven crazy by people who “axe” questions.

Okay, see, we talked about this linguisitic phenomenon in my grammar class. I don’t remember what it’s called, but it happens with other words, too - my professor used an example of “uncomfortable.” When you say it out loud, most likely, it sounds more like “un-comf-ter-ble,” thus mixing up the position of the r and the t, like how the k and the s are mixed in this speech pattern. However, not many people are out here acting high and mighty because someone said “uncomfterble” like they are with “ax,” and that has absolutely everything to do with academic biases - because “ax” is associated mostly with Black people (and occasionally lower-class whites), it’s viewed as “improper” speech, whereas most people, even middle & upper class white people who are thought to speak the most ~proper~ version of English, say “uncomfterble.”

And a quick Google search yields that even Chaucer used “axe” to mean “ask” within his writing. (Source) (Source)

tl;dr actually caring about whether someone says “ask” ~”correctly”~~ is rooted in racist & classist biases of language so, consider, not. 

Most linguistic pedantry is inherently racist in nature.








i think this could be useful for the people who is not totally sure about spend their money in this movie, it has their good and bad points, but generally is a great movie, so please, let’s show them that “An Hispanic story” can be as good as any other one, or even better!. 

I saw this today with my daughter. I enjoyed it immensely.  The only ding I give this movie is casting Channing Tatum to voice Joaquin.  Otherwise, it’s a really good movie. 


"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

Marvel Hero’s/Anti-Hero’s with Disabilities

1. Clint Barton - Deaf
2. Daredevil - Blind
3. Wade Wilson - Disfigured
4. Karma - Amputee
5. Nick Fury - Blind in one eye
6. Blindfold - Blind
7. Charles Xavier - Paraplegic

"I am not your inspiration, I am not your burden, I am my own person. My disability is a part of me but it does not define me, my actions do and I chose to be the Hero of my own story."


"You see, technically, chemistry is the study of matter, but I prefer to see it as the study of change: Electrons change their energy levels. Molecules change their bonds. Elements combine and change into compounds. But that’s all of life, right? It’s the constant, it’s the cycle. It’s solution, dissolution. Just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then transformation. It is fascinating, really." [insp


Lisa lays down the law